Penguin feeling under the weather binge-watches Pingu to cheer himself up

Penguin feeling under the weather binge-watches Pingu to cheer himself up

Pierre, an endangered Northern Rockhopper penguin hasn’t been feeling tip top lately.

The brave little guy swam across oceans and was found washed up on a beach in Western Australia.

He’s since been experiencing some feather moulting problems, meaning he’s not waterproof and can’t return to the wild yet, so has been spending some time in Perth Zoo’s vet department.

Staff at the zoo soon realised that being away from other penguins during this time was proving difficult for Pierre and he was rather lonely.

So they came up with a brilliant way to lift his spirits while he was feeling under the weather – and it’s a lot like how we would spend a sick day at home to be honest.

Pierre has been watching documentaries about rockhopper penguins as well as episodes of Pingu.

Yes, really!

Speaking to 7News one of the zoo keepers said: “What I have here is an iPad for our rockhopper penguin Pierre.

“Pierre is by himself in the vet department and does get a bit lonely at times, and to make his life a bit more enriching we’ve decided to get other rockhoppers online for him to watch.”

As well as Pingu and the documentaries, the penguin is also shown live streams of rockhoppers at Kansas City Zoo in the US and at Edingburgh Zoo.

“Pierre’s been enjoying watching them and seeing them in their little habitats at their zoo,” the keeper added.

For those interested, you can find out more about Pierre’s time at the Zoo on social media.

And Pierre’s not the only one that’s been feeling off lately, as this comes after we heard all about another lonely animal last week.

Fred, the 50-year-old tortoise is on the hunt for a female companion.

His owner, Angela Matchett, is so worried about him being on his own, she’s even penned a lonely hearts ad to help him find a girlfriend.

The full advert, which was shared on social media, states that Fred needs “a hardy female who loves the great outdoors and is used to living in a garden.”

It reads: “Hi, my name is Fred, I’m 50 and I’m looking for love.

“I’m used to the outdoor lifestyle. I love cucumber, lettuce and fruit and I am partial to the odd tomato!

“I’m looking for a like-minded lady, who is looking for a new owner and isn’t into tortoise tables or heat lamps.

“Please, please share so I can find a lady friend who is older fashioned and hardy like me.

“I’m willing to share my accommodation (and possibly my lettuce and cucumber.)”