Mum absolutely mortified by workman’s ‘rotten’ discovery in her attic

Mum absolutely mortified by workman’s ‘rotten’ discovery in her attic

Two weeks ago, a workman visited Raychel Bonney’s home in St. Helen’s to install CCTV cameras.

All was going swimmingly, until the man called the 27-year-old upstairs to look at something rather unusual he’d stumbled across in the attic.

The mum-of-one was mortified when he showed her a “scaly and rotten” sex toy which had been left standing upright in the loft.

Raychel was quick to explain that the item didn’t belong to her, or her partner Matthew. Instead she believes it was left there by the former tenants of the property – as neighbour’s said they were known for their noisy sex sessions.

Despite living in the house for a few years, this was the first time Raychel had ever been up into the loft, so she had no idea what was waiting for her up there.

And after this grim find, she has no plans to go anywhere near the space again anytime soon.

She said: “It’s hilarious – it could only happen to me.

“The toy is rotten – it looks like it’s been there years. It’s scaly and scabby at the bottom, like the plastic has burned.”

She continued: “The CCTV man came and said he needed to put a socket in the attic.

“I just said ‘you’ll have to excuse whatever’s in the loft because I’ve never been in’. I never even went into the attic at all. As he got up the ladders he said ‘your last tenants have left you a little present – go up and have a look’.

“I looked forward and there it was in all its glory. He was laughing but I was so embarrassed – I didn’t want him to think it was mine.”

If the story wasn’t already bizarre enough, it seems this dirty toy isn’t the only one that’s been found in the area.

Raychel claims she told her landlord about the discovery, jokingly saying “I hope this isn’t yours”.

She added: “He said ‘funnily enough, my daughter’s just moved into a house in the same area and the plumber found one in her loft as well.

“There must be something going on. It’s a very adventurous area.”