Woman captures moment random cat performs pull-ups to ‘break into her home’

Woman captures moment random cat performs pull-ups to ‘break into her home’

A woman captured the hilarious moment a random cat tried to break into her home.

The mum from Wales, was casually eating toast in her living room when she spotted a ginger cat – which didn’t belong to her.

Out of nowhere the acrobatic cat managed to catapult itself up to the opening of her window, leaving her stunned.

After successfully managing to grab onto the plastic with its two front paws, it attempted to haul itself up over the barrier.

But, try as it might, the poor cat lacked the strength to pull itself up, and the desperate struggle began.

The cat started swaying left and right against the window, and looked as it if was going to fall numerous times.

After 36 painstaking seconds the cat finally managed to push itself through the window, landing gracefully on the woman’s living room floor.

She took to TikTok to share the incredible video, with an on-screen caption that reads: “I don’t own a cat”.

She also titled the video: “All that effort and you don’t even live here.”

Since being posted, the video has received more than 1.8 million likes, and almost 30,000 comments from fellow cat lovers, most of which agreed she should keep the cat after all of the effort it put in.

One person said: “Honestly if a cat put in THAT much effort to enter my home? I’ll up my inhaler intake and suffer with allergies because it deserves to stay”.

Another added: “Correction – You didn’t own a cat. Now you do”.

A third joked: “This cat did more pull ups than I’ve done in my entire life…”

And a fourth asked: “Who else cheered when the cat finally got through?”